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August 31st, 2022

What is Koop

A Koop is a community, led by both the creators and their members. At its core, communities are backed by a treasury created from an NFT collection or membership pass. The treasury is used to bring a community's ideas to life whether they are creating an animated web show or developing software.

The community becomes the viewers, users, and builders of their creations and are incentivized to share the content, software, or products built out of their treasuries. Communities today are social networks, whereas Koops are socioeconomic networks.

Since launching our private beta two months ago, we’ve partnered and built alongside the most exciting crypto-native organizations including @tweaksNFT, @HeartsProject, @Originals, @AeraForce, @Houndtrack, @StellarsDAO, and many more.

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What it unlocks

For the first time in history, products, experiences, and decisions are birthed from communities not marketed to them. 

Traditional social platforms, like Twitch and Youtube, offer a binary incentive model (like/follow). There is no way for fans to productively engage with the creator. The incentives are misaligned when users are consumers of content, rather than owners. 

Koop offers a new mechanism for participation through community governance which incentivizes owners to: 

⑴ Co-create 

⑵ Contribute to building out the community’s mission. 

We believe that the most compelling use case for crypto is its power to dissolve the boundaries between fans and creators, community and builders, investors and workers—including those who don’t yet have a tokenized community or are looking to build one.

Koop’s enables creators and builders to manage their communities’ treasury as well as gain valuable insight and input from their most loyal contributors, all through the variety of tools covered in the “Features” section below. 


Participation on today's internet captures attention by driving spam. Creators today are like NFT projects with a central team and public roadmap. They have to worry about keeping the floor price high (ads conversion and cpm) and building a loyal community through storytelling (engagement). They have to share daily updates and posts (distribution). And most importantly, they have to make money (sponsorships). 

Crypto has enabled a new form of monetization, in the form of crowdfunds and auctions, but it has not solved the problem of maintaining engagement and distribution – both of which are required for a project to succeed after its initial fundraise.

To solve the real problems of communities, we need a new mechanism for participation and distribution.


Koop enables NFT communities, creators, and brands to engage their holders and grow their cultural resonance.

Here are just some of the many benefits of using Koop for your community:

∙ Crypto-native. Runs natively on the internet via Koop protocol on Ethereum (and other chains soon).  

∙ Flexible. Koop is built for flexibility. Squads to guilds to collections utilize our tooling to offer a homebase for their community, or a one-time spin off drop experience. The possibilities are endless.

∙ Activate your treasury using any wallet or Gnosis safe. Group purchase, transfer, airdrop, and more. Compatible with ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens. 

∙ Holder CRM.Turn wallet addresses into personas. Understand more about your collectors.

∙ Rewards. Every community vote and mission enables you to reward members automatically. Offer crypto-native rewards in the form of tokens, as well as off-chain benefits, such as IRL experiences, voting, etc.. 

∙ Composability.  Each Koop’s NFT infrastructure enables full composability with future Koop tools and the entire ecosystem of crypto tools.

∙ IT IS FUN. Let’s make crypto fun again. Bring communities, culture, and media together in the way they were always supposed to be birthed from: fun. 

∙ And so much more…

Now let’s review in more detail some of the most exciting features of Koops:


Governance today is static, long-form text with little to no tooling to engage a live audience. Koop makes participating in community proposals fun again. Through live voting events, proposals, and discussions, Koop makes having a say in your community a joy

No more long form governance posts. We turn boring threads into dynamic, exciting, and fun live events. We believe the long term selling point of engagement lends itself to storytelling through streaming, not discourse posts.

Membership NFTs

Easily launch a membership pass through Koop, or use an existing NFT collection to create select roles within your community. 

Set up permissions around the treasury and create a token gated feed through NFTs. Decide which benefits to offer tiered holders. 

Membership does not stop with token gating – understand your community’s purchasing behavior and contributions to better inform the direction of your treasury


Think giveaways, rewards, and contests. Koop allows you to set up tasks or missions for the community to build, co-create, or Quests enable fun rewards and automatic transactions. Reward contributors directly from the treasury and help your members grow alongside your community

The Koops Are Coming

In the weeks ahead, we'll be adding new tooling enabling co-creation and dynamic rewards that are tailored to Koops. Even more exciting is the launch of [redacted] coming next month. The future of viewership is ownership. . This shift will come from web3—and it starts today with Koops.

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